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Plain Bearing Composite Liners

Rolling mills depend on coiling mandrels and shears to roll and process the finished product. Two common problems associated with these applications are attributable to the same cause, grease! Use too little grease and your equipment sticks or misaligns, while too much grease can contaminate the strip. WearComp® self-lubricating liners eliminate both of these problems and can last up to 4-10 times longer than bronze based plain liners.

Popular Composite Liner Applications: Dividing Shears, Side-trimming Shears, Track Liners, Chock Liners, Mandrel Liners, Pass Line Adjustment Liners.

Plain Bearing Composite Bushings

Mills depend on bushings for efficient operation. Many of these bushings are in difficult to access locations, or in hot, hostile, environments. Bronze bushings in these environments go unlubricated and wear quickly, causing unscheduled downtime.

The inherent lubricity and durability of HyComp's composite bushings eliminates the need for lubrication. Equipment runs trouble free longer and plant efficiency is improved.

Popular Composite Bushing Applications: Change Table Pivot Bushings, Work Roll Spindle - Centering Rings, Peeler Arm Bushings, Coiler Support Bushings, Deflector Roll Bushings.

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Beverage Can | HyComp Beverage Can | HyComp

Can plants run around the clock producing beverage cans to tight tolerances. They use a variety of high speed equipment which is adversely effected by vibration and excessive bearing wear. The use of HyComp, self-lubricating, materials in this industry improves plant operating efficiency. A unique resin system, blended with carbon fiber, delivers superior wear properties, excellent dimensional stability, vibration dampening, and self-lubrication. Reduced wear between moving elements means better process control and improved quality.

Common Applications

Body Makers -
HyComp composite bushings using low pressure coolant replace the conventional high pressure, hydrostatic, bronze bushings resulting in tighter running clearances. HyComp materials have inherent vibration dampening properties, which provides better control of the critical moving element, the ram. The result is better looking beverage cans, reduced tool pack wear, and significant reduction in oil consumption resulting in improved processing efficiency.

Manifolds -
Vacuum manifolds are widely used in can making equipment. FibreComp's® dimensional stability and dramatically reduced wear extends service life, reduces downtime, and increases plant productivity.

Shell Press -
FibreComp® split-bearings and plugs typically last as much as 20 times longer than the historically used nylon and teflon based products. Unlike these materials, FibreComp® doesn't creep and maintains the critical clearances between moving parts. Minimal wear produces better process control, improved shell quality, and reduced maintenance.

Aluminum Extrusion | HyComp

Several challenges that face Maintenance Engineers in the Extrusion and Pilger industries are press alignment, lubrication, and product contamination. HyComp self-lubricating materials offer high compressive strength, high operating temperature, and superior impact resistance.

Application Examples: Extrusion Press Liners, Die Guide Liners, Pilger Press Liners, Draw Press Liners, Walking Beam Bushings, Runout Table Liners.

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Rubber Mixing | HyComp

Cross-contamination and maintenance cycles are two of the biggest concerns with regards to rubber mixing. Brass seals and bearings are frequently used as wear components but require lubrication and frequent expensive maintenance. Cross-contaminating lubrication could result in a scrapped batch which is costly for both raw materials and cycle times.

By implementing HyComp composite materials as rotor seals and open roll edge guards, the risk of lubrication is eliminated and the service cycle times are extended. These material benefits help lead to a more efficient and profitable operation.

Oil and Gas | HyComp

Tough, dependable, chemically resistant materials are mandatory in the world of drilling. Equipment that does not perform is unacceptable and the equipment is only as good as the wear components.

The oil and gas industry implements a range of engineered thermoplastics and thermoset composites because they are self-lubricating and can handle the work load. These types of materials have difficult processing requirements which fit perfectly in the capability range of HyComp.

We can produce a custom finished part, or support you with a near-net molded shape to get you closer to your finished design and help reduce secondary machining.

We have a variety of in-house tooling to mold bushings and plates, so up-front investments are typically not required.

Agriculture | HyComp

HyComp produces high-end, bearing grade, composite materials that help extend the life of Agricultural equipment. From earth moving to vehicular equipment, the impact resistance, self-lubrication, and longer service life of our composite bearing materials help improve the performance and save operating costs.

Medical Equipment | HyComp

Medical devices require precision, efficiency, and dependability. By implementing composite materials with a low coefficient of friction, medical testing equipment can run smoothly for longer periods of time without introducing a foreign substance in lubrication.

Precision is important, which is why HyComp provides an Aerospace level of quality and attention to detail in every part we manufacture.

Power Generation | HyComp

Power Generation is all about energy control through either conductivity or insulation. Composite materials can be infused with filler materials that help direct the energy current. Carbon nanotubes and fibers can be used to conduct energy in a desired direction, while glass filled composites insulate and contain the flow of energy.

Terminal blocks are popular examples of glass filled composite materials that stop the flow of energy and protect the equipment.

HyComp has been successfully molding long and short fiber reinforced materials for over 30 years and has equipment specifically designed to process these types of materials. High grade steel mold tools, diamond tooling, and proper filtration systems are standards at HyComp. We are built to support you and your customers for the life of the program.

Other Industries | HyComp

Composite seals for long lasting stability and performance

Bottle Capping & Closure Systems
The manufacturing equipment for bottle closure systems relies on equipment speed and reliability. HyComp composite bearing materials can run at high speeds, without lubrication, for longer periods of time, while delivering exceptional performance.

Energy Storage
Flow Batteries - highly conductive composites for bi-polar plates

Thermoplastic components to handle high heat and wear applications

Seal and bearings that are comfortable in submerged in both sea and freshwater environments

Carpet Looms
Bearings that are light weight, require no lubrication, and can handle high speeds.

Heavy Equipment
High impact plain bearings, seals, housings, and wear pads are used throughout to protect the machine